Healing Hearts Infant Bereavement Resource Guide

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This bereavement resource book is a product of Healing Hearts Infant Bereavement Resources, an initiative of Cribs for Kids®.

The death of an infant is like no other loss. Through support materials and resources, Healing Hearts will assist families who have been touched by a crisis in pregnancy or the death of a baby. We also welcome you to join our bereavement forum at: http://cribsforkids.org/joinourforum/. Here you can talk about your infant, share experiences, ask the community for their help and provide help for others.

Grief should not be prevented because it is a healthy response to loss. In-stead, it should be respected. Those who are grieving should have support to help them through the grieving process. The mission of Healing Hearts is to provide that support.

We work every day…in the belief that every child should live.



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